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A new 2023 Blogging beginning for a Photographer in Paris

2023 has already kicked in and I'm happy to start with so many new adjustments and details that will make a significant difference in my work as a photographer in Paris.

In 2022 , new challenges were added to my professional life and I was delighted to welcome them and integrate them in my routines: I had added outdoors Smash Cake sessions in Paris as well as outdoor Maternity photo shoots, all with the magnificent Parisian background that will never stop charming us.

I also had a new Visual Identity with new logo, colour palettes and a brand new Instagram account entirely dedicated to my photography work.

Please join me there to follow all details of behind the scenes and new projects for this new year. My Instagram account is Lifestylephotoparis : , click to join !

As this new start takes more and more shape, I decided to make a few changes to my website: colours, updated pictures with my new working style and of course, soon I will be adding exciting new challenges and projects.

But mainly, I made major adjustments to my photography packages, which from 2023 will be referred to as Collections, and I included for the first time prints in a few of my packages. With this new year, all main Collection will include not only digital files but also prints (available for residents of France Métropolitaine). I'm thus very excited to tell you that we will starting to work with Fine Art paper in order to introduce all of you to this dimension of photography.

In 2022 I had welcomed the New Year with the first of my yearly challenges. I wished to repeat the challenge in 2023 but I have yet to do it (it is coming soon!).

Here is the one-light-source-picture that I made with my child to test the low light performance of my then-new Sony A7rIIIa camera.

Child holding a snowglobe with light
A new light

Maybe you don't know it but I'm a Sony photographer and have been ever since I started several years ago, even in my video work. But that is another story.

In the meantime, let's live the art, let's love the image.

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