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I'm a Panamanian photographer & filmmaker living in Paris since... oh my, almost twenty years !

My photography work focuses on family, child and couple photography. I work in lifestyle photography with a touch of fine art editing.

I specially love the work around families and children and the possibility of capturing the essence of the wonderful bond between members of a family. I enjoy creating collection of photographies that celebrate families lives and bonds.

Since I specially love working with families, I have created since 2015 a service available for companies that allows me to create decors and to photograph families and children during events: the Studio Photo- on the go... and specially during Christmas, families can enjoy a wonderful moment next to Santa in our Studio Photo de Noël.

In filmmaking and video, I have collaborated in more than 30 projects including short films, documentaries and corporate films, in positions involving either production, art department or post-production. This experience has provided me with different skills that I can apply to my work.

During the last five years I have also worked as a filmmaking teacher for teenagers in private and social institutions, thus introducing the young minds to the creative process and the importance of team work.

I strive to develop projects based on an artistic approach both in aesthetics and content.

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